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While you may have to hold back your creativity while setting the table for a holiday dinner to keep room for the food platters and to keep it comfortable enough for your family and friends to enjoy good conversation, you don’t have to entertain these concerns while staging the table to attract and encourage buyers. Let your heart sing as you go all out with your full dinner sets, glassware, centerpieces, plants, and whatever else fits your chosen theme. However, while having fun, keep a great sense of order to also ensure your work is pleasing to the eye. Staging the table is important enough that more time needs to be spent on this than any other part of the dining room. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it must do its job in helping potential buyers feel relaxed and at home. BLAZE AWIDE TRAIL Be sure that the walking space in the dining room is comfortable. The path around the table should be easily accessible, and the roommust be devoid of all clutter.This includes extra arm chairs randomly placed and blocking the pathway that youmight find in some people’s dining rooms. Giving the impression of space is the best, and this could be done by removing dining chairs altogether if you have a smaller dining room. Rearrange or remove other furniture, if needed. ALL SYSTEMS GO! Has your dining roombeen used for some other purpose besides dining? If you have it set up as an office with papers exposed on your desk or table, it’s time to close shop. Do you have a computer, extra TV, or gaming system in your dining room? It’s time to jettison these. It could be a difficult thing to do if you’re staying in your home while it’s on the market, but keep your end goal in mind. At least box them up and store them away during an open house —or before taking pictures. If your dining area is large and you have created a second sitting area for game nights with a large screen tastefully mounted, that’s just fine.


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