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STAGING FURNITURE Let’s talk about furniture. Since the purpose of staging your house is to create a neutral, comfortable place that any buyer would want to call home, it’s much easier to stage a home that you won’t be living in. CHAPTER 11

Whether you’re staying or moving out, hiring a pro or doing it yourself, here are some helpful guidelines to help you create the best impression on buyers. • Take it all into account. Step back and look at your furniture with the eye of a stranger who doesn’t attach any value to it. Grab a notepad and pen, and step outside to clear your mind. Then, entering through the front door, slowly walk through the house like an inspector and take note of any piece of furniture that you think would do better elsewhere in the house or completely out of the house. Take action and remove all the furniture you think needs to go. A professional stager could do all of this for you, but even if you aren’t doing the staging yourself and hiring a pro instead, it’s good to get a head start on clearing the house.


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