Mark Slade - MoreMoney

If you don’t concentrate on drawing the potential buyer’s eyes toward the strong points that you’ve mapped out, their experience will be like watching a stage production with a blindfold, or even worse, with a row of super tall audience members blocking your view when you know you could be seeing so much more. If your focal point is the extra-large window with a view, maybe place a colorful plant on either side or put a small table underneath it with a splash of color from a plant or decorative object to quickly move the eyes there. Avoid blocking the view at all costs, and even use minimal — if any — window coverings to truly impress. What about that cozy extra nook in the dining room or living room? Create a warm impression with two comfortable arm chairs and a small table, or even an inviting window seat with an ottoman. Do you have any chairs on your patio or deck? Create a casual and relaxing look with a few patio chairs, and even a small firepit. Don’t forget the color! When talking about furniture, the importance of color can’t be emphasized enough.


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