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The only downside is that they also normally require a three-month minimum rental period. Of course, if you happen to sell your home sooner, you’re not out any extra money for returning the furniture early. •Thrift shops or antique shops. If you have any of these in your area, you might consider asking to rent larger pieces of furniture. You won’t always be successful at this, but if you find something that would fit your needs, it certainly doesn’t hurt to ask. Instead of renting furniture, some experts suggest using cardboard furniture for a comparatively lower cost. You can dress it up as standard furniture without anyone necessarily seeing the difference. A lot of this furniture is durable enough to be sat upon, so that’s a plus. Whichever furniture option you choose, be sure that it’s the best for your particular situation and that it will bring you the greatest ROI by either selling the house more quickly than expected, or selling for a higher price (or both, ideally). AFFORDABLE OPTIONS Let’s talk a bit about budget. When exploring staging options, it’s possible to become overwhelmed by the price tag of renting furniture. The good news is that by taking the time to reevaluate and rearrange your current possessions, you might find that you don’t have to rent much furniture after all. This can save you money. What else can save money and help make the sale? Here are a few tips: • Reestablish boundaries. If your living room is also the playroom, the toys need to go into hibernation. No one enjoys seeing colorful dolls and cars all over the floor. Do you golf in your hallway? Pack up the putting green. • Polish. Do a deep and thorough cleaning of every single room, and pay attention to the smallest details. When was the last time that you polished the wood or washed the windows?


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