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You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again — your main goal in selling your home is to make money. Whether this is to make a profit or to pay off your current mortgage, your focus needs to be on making that sale. Sound too stressful? Not excited about the idea? You can make it more fun. For instance, how are you with taking pictures? Pictures play a huge role in nailing that sale. If you have great pictures, you’ll set yourself up above other homeowners battling for the same buyers. Think about it. If you had to purchase a home in a particular city for work purposes and there were only two for sale in that city that could fit your needs, which seller would you trust more from the get-go?The one who posts casual pictures that capture dishes in the sink or a sock in the corner, or the one who gives the impression of a pristine lifestyle? You can show off your pristine lifestyle and build up the buyer’s confidence in the quality of your home by putting in a little extra effort. Isn’t it true that the real winners in every category of life are ones who put out the most effort? Need some ideas? Read through these tips to help get the ball rolling: • Pretend that you’re shooting for a magazine. It all starts with cleaning, cleaning, cleaning! Get rid of the clutter, move out old and ugly furniture, and hide away your personal belongings. You don’t want your family photos, laundry, or the old torn lounge chair online for the world to see.


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