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So, to wrap up — of all the suggestions offered throughout this book to help you get the most out

of a home sale, most don’t even have to take you much time or money, and are rather going to make youmoney when you close your house. Some of these things are so easy, it’s a no brainer. Taking down pictures of religious or race affiliation, or other details that represent things that aren’t neutral for everyone, is so quick and easy to do. Keeping everything clean, landscaped, and in great shape will cost you no more money than you regularly pay to keep your house clean. Set the table in your dining room and put wine glasses out in your kitchen. These things really work. There will be other choices you’ll need to make, such as whether to upgrade certain things with big repairs or expensive changes. Retiling, or redoing your floors or lawn, can make such a big difference with your listing’s online presence, curb appeal, and showings or open houses. In most cases putting big money into those things, or anything else similar, will net a return on your investment. Another choice you’ll have is if you want to bring in a professional stager, who may bring in their own furniture and other items, or if you want to do it yourself. It’s much cheaper to do it yourself, but the professional will sometimes guarantee certain things about the sale. Plus, they’ll really take your house to another level, a level that will often blow away anyone who comes through it.


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