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Testimonials “Working with the Mark Slade Team was a surely positive experience. At our first meeting, Mark brought me a book written by him filled with essential advice about preparing a house for sale. At our second meeting, he and MaryCeu Nunes from his team presented me with a detailed price evaluation that helped me understand the true worth of my home. I can’t stress enough how much I value all the ideas, suggestions, predictions etc. that both he Mary discussed, and how in retrospect, they were all on point. They seem to have the entire house selling process down to both an art and science. From figuring out the correct timing to the pricing and negotiation, their experience in real estate is evident. Aside from being super professional and having great knowledge of the ins and outs of the market, Mark was a great guy and very pleasant to work with (so was everyone in his team). What I felt could be a really stressful experience from the start, ended up being stress free. We got multiple offers after one open house, and our home was sold shortly after at above asking price! As if that was not enough, Mark let me (and all his other clients) use his team’s moving truck so I could move lots of stuff to my new house prior to moving day. That was super helpful and made moving day stress free as well. Mark, you are the best”

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