Authorify - FSBO Book v2 Preview

A real estate agent usually charges about 4% to 6% of the selling value as commission, and that can give a lot of home sellers pause. Now, in exchange for that sum, the real estate agent brings vast experience and a wealth of market-specific knowledge that can truly benefit the seller. Agents also usually help owners set a fair, realistic market price for their house. A well-balanced price is crucial in order to sell the property successfully in a reasonable amount of time. Still, 4% to 6% of sale price can be a sizable sum, and many more self-reliant homeowners may decide it’s worth the extra effort and risk to handle the sale solo and pocket the extra funds. However, a lack of expertise among average homeowners looking to go FSBO has its consequences. The National Association of Realtors® and have reported on their sites that most FSBO homes are overpriced. That is true, and is usually a natural effect of people not knowing the actual cost of their property and the value of their hard- built equity, combined with a desire to draw as much profit as possible out of the sale. Unfortunately, overpriced properties are far less likely to be sold and have a much higher chance of scaring off potential buyers. While the issue of correct pricing can be bypassed with some solid real estate and community sales market research, the following negotiations cannot. It is a known fact that a lot of owners who lack professional presentation skills and/ or developed negotiation skills end up selling their houses at far lower prices than they are actually worth. Statistically,


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