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more appealing time-wise. If you were under a time constraint, the second buyer solved your problem. How did he know about the time constraint? You may have disclosed it without thinking when he asked why you were selling.


Remaining calm and focused during the counteroffers is the key to getting the last concession. By asking the buyer to give something in return every time he comes back with another request, you gain the upper hand, and he will start backing away from making nonessential demands. The less he thinks he can get away with, the less he will ask for beyond what he really needs. He may be afraid you will request a concession that is important to him and come to understand that letting you have the last concession will be his best deal. DON’T BECOME FLOODED WITH CONCESSIONS When a buyer submits an offer to you, unless it’s a fantastic one, you should bring counteroffers to the table. Perhaps a different price and/or concessions — such as shorter closing dates, terms, modifications of contingencies, or incentives — will enter the negotiations. When reviewing the offer, be sure to consider items that would be unacceptable to you. A counteroffer is used to, in effect, accept some (or most) of the terms of the buyer’s latest offer, while modifying other items. Since there is no limit to the amount of times counteroffers can be made, make sure the buyer will have to wait for your response. Your eagerness to respond may be interpreted as desperation on your part, which, in turn, may give the buyer more leverage.


Remind yourself that you want to sell your home for the best price


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