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Extra furniture and items like books, magazines, CD collections, and hobby supplies add weight and visual distraction in a room. Your salt & pepper shaker collection is going to look like clutter, even if the buyer collects salt & pepper shakers. The more spacious your home appears, the more appealing it will be. Minimize as much as possible. You want the home shopper to see what your home has to offer, not to guess about the potential or possibilities.

Work From a Plan

• List each room of the house, noting the clutter in each room, including closets. • De-clutter rooms one at a time, attacking from the smallest project to the greatest. • Clear out each room, keeping only essential items. • Donate or discard clothes, decor, toys, and other items no longer used. • Box up possessions that you want to keep but do not currently use, and put them in storage. • Keep surfaces clean and free of collected items.

Room-by-Room List:

• Kitchen — Clear the counters, leaving only three or four essential items. Keep towels, dishrags, and potholders out of sight. Soaps and cleaners should be stored under the sink. Rarely used small appliances can be packed and put in storage. Pack away teacups, serving dishes, and platters if you normally showcase them. If you want to draw attention to decorative shelving, put a few pieces out for show. Seasonal dishes and accessories should also be


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