Mark Slade - FirstTimeBuyer


NEEDS AND DESIRES After the decision is made to buy a home, what sort of home it is to be is the next decision point. Imagine your dream house. It fulfills both your needs and desires. It fits the need for a good roof over your head, a sturdy structure, modern fixtures and appliances, living space (e.g., bedrooms, living room) and function rooms (e.g., kitchen, bathrooms). Your needs fulfilled, you turn to your desires. A home on the beach or in the woods, a gourmet kitchen, a wood-paneled den, crystal chandeliers hanging over a banquet table in the manor-sized dining room and an Olympic-sized swimming pool with a hot tub and sauna. In your first home, you must ensure all needs are met; however, there are probably going to be some desires that you will have to let go for now due to affordability issues. Decide which qualities are your needs and which are only desires. • Would you like a swimming pool? Enough that a home without one is not worth looking at? • In what areas or neighborhoods might the home be located? Where do you want to live? Where might you have to live for work commute or home price reasons? • What features would make it special and which ones matter most? • What can you afford and what is out of your budget? Budget usually constrains us most in selecting a home. While some things are necessary for any home (as mentioned, a good roof, a working furnace, a solid frame), others will just have to stay on the list of desires for now (the sauna, or that Beverly Hills address).


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