Mark Slade - FirstTimeBuyer

After location needs and desires are compiled, housing factors can be considered. Needs include having all essential house structures and systems in good working order. Accepting a house that needs a new roof because the owner is willing to knock $7,000 off the listing price is not a sensible deal when it will cost $10,000 to replace the roof in two years. Needs might include a minimum number of bedrooms and bathrooms, no steps, fenced yard (for pet owners or simply for privacy), perhaps a first-floor laundry facility, and any feature the prospective buyers have decided they cannot accept a home without. Desires are features that make the home more attractive or enjoyable — an upgraded kitchen, walk-in closets, a master bedroom suite. Of course, one buyer’s need is another buyer’s desire. The point is to know your own needs and desires so you can easily assess potential properties. Buying a house is not a simple process. Much of the planning should be done well in advance of contacting a real estate agent or looking at houses. Work out the costs and decide your budget. Choose a general location. Contact lenders well ahead of home shopping so your offers are not tied up in getting financial approval. Having the image of your dream home is reality married with imagination. In fact, you may find that some aspects of the house you intend to buy are different. It’s not the same as what your dreams would have told you. Different people have different requirements. It depends on your thought processes and personality. We understand important things and potential compromises differently. Needs are basic requirements that cannot be ignored or compromised. Desires, on the other hand, can be left behind if the situation demands. You need to make a clear distinction between what your necessities are and which items you would be better off classifying as desires. Remember, no matter how many desires you leave unfulfilled now, they can be worked on later. A pool can be added after a promotion or two. Maybe you don’t like the color of the walls or the window frames; renovation may be a hassle, but it’s always an option for later. Paint color is rarely a need, but having a garage if you plan to run an auto-mechanic business out of it is.


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