Mark Slade - FirstTimeBuyer

♥ Report errors and inconsistencies. A study by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) stated that one out of every four consumers had errors in their credit reports that were significantly affecting their scores. It also revealed that 5% of consumers found errors that — if left unresolved — would have led them to pay significantly higher amounts for mortgages and loans. Do not let errors on your report make you pay more than you should. Make sure you pull and carefully check the three credit bureau reports, and be sure to dispute any errors that would affect your score such as wrong credit limits or incorrect accounts. ♥ Pay off outstanding accounts. Lenders and underwriters of your mortgage will want some certainty that you are a trustworthy buyer who will be able to make payments on time. This means that having any delinquent accounts or outstanding discrepancies on your credit report may hurt your chances of approval at the best interest rates. Before applying, try to clear any such accounts that are hurting your score.


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