Mark Slade - FirstTimeBuyer

THE CONDITION OF THE PROPERTY When assessing a home for potential purchase, there are important items to be on the lookout for, the primary one being the condition of the property. • Is the home structurally sound? Walk around the interior of the home checking the walls and ceilings for cracks. Hairline cracks are to be expected in some places, but larger cracks or an unusual amount of smaller ones may warn of problems to come. Check the exterior for cracks as well. Points at which extensions join are places to play close attention to, as cracks often occur there. Also look for loose or broken tiles or shingles on the roof or broken guttering, evidence of damage to the drywall, and weaknesses in the floors. If you do find something wrong, it is a perfectly legitimate question to ask how long it has been like that and it will be fixed. If you see major cracks or bowing walls, have a structural engineer assess the situation.


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