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• Is the exterior of the home in good shape and well-maintained? Check for evidence of water around the foundation, which may indicate drainage issues. The ground should slope away from the foundation, not toward it. If there is a porch, it should have a foundation as well and not simply sit on soil. Check that driveways and walkways leading up to the house do not have cracks and are not crumbling. Check that the siding of the home is in good repair. Look at the landscaping on the property. It should not be unkempt and unsightly, as that can indicate a lack of care. The sprinkler system, if there is one, should be in proper working condition. If there is a deck, ensure there is no decay or damage from termite or beetles. PROPERTY HISTORY It is a good practice to know all that you can about the sales history of the property you have under consideration. Do not simply settle for the information contained in the customer copy of listings. Ask your agent for more detailed info. Find answers to how long the property has been on the market and if it was previously listed, withdrawn, and relisted for a lower price. These kinds of questions can help you decide how much to offer. You also need detailed information on the property, most of which will be available from public records. A bit of research online in the records will disclose the name of the owner, original age of the home, mortgage history, parcel number, previous sales of the property, property deeds, and any judgments or liens filed against the seller. Information about how much the property taxes are and whether they are paid or in arrears will also be available in the records. You will also be able to see if there were permits obtained to make improvements on the home. These permits could complicate the sale of the property if liens were attached by workmen or improvements were not done up to code. Do not skip this search, because it reveals important information about the property you are interested in and could save you money. You can get this information through your agent if you are using one,


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