Mark Slade - FirstTimeBuyer

BUYING STEP #5: PICK A LOCATION Among the most important choices people must make when deciding on a home is the location. Before buying a home, visit the home and consider every aspect of it. This includes what the other members of the family think of the house. Every family has different demands for their home. Home is a place you are connected to, not only physically, but spiritually and mentally as well. Commute to work is also an important factor to be looked at before purchase. It’s a demand of almost every buyer that their home be in a peaceful location. There are places that can meet that need in almost every environment, though, from the urban to the suburban to the truly rural. Find the right balance of bustle and tranquility that works with your needs! Every place has its own specifics related to thewater supply, sanitation, and market access.These things can increase the market value of the property or decrease it. Look at all surrounding areas to see if this is the place in which you can see yourself and your family. BUYING STEP #6: DECIDE HOME DESIGN After the price of the home has been discussed, home design is the next major aspect to consider. Every buyer wants their demands met —wants to find themselves in the house of their dreams. Do you prefer a ranch or a Tudor home? One story or two? Family room, man cave, or she-shack? In any event, the rooms should have a proper design and up-to-date ventilation system. All these points are necessary to ponder when buying a home.


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