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PREPARING YOUR CHECKLIST Moving your entire home means that you need to prepare at least two checklists. The first is a checklist of all the items you will be bringing with you, grouped according to the room in which they belong. In addition to indicating the room, it is a great idea to number the boxes. This way, you can indicate on your checklist where each item is packed. It will make it easier to sort and identify your things while moving. The second checklist that you need is a list of all the tasks involved in your move, such as packing, labeling, disposing of items not being moved with you, utility turn-off and turn-on at the new home, and others. No task is too small for your checklist. It pays to be prepared. To help you with this list, here’s an example of a fairly comprehensive list that you can refer to. You might find it helpful to divide your list into segments of time as we have here to help keep you organized. A MONTH BEFORE THE BIG MOVE • Ask friends and relatives for referrals to moving companies and inquire about their services, procedures, and policies. Get at least three estimates from different companies so that you can compare their services and choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. • Go through all your “stuff” and identify the things that you will keep and those that you will dispose of. Remember, less is more. If you no longer use it, give it away or sell it. This will make packing easier and quicker for you. • Keep a file of all your moving documents, such as contracts, invoices, bills, etc. This file should be readily available when you need any of them. • Inform your utility company of your moving date so they can disconnect services (water, electricity, cable, internet) on a date after your move.


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