Mark Slade - FirstTimeBuyer

• Check the new place you will be moving into and make sure everything is ready for moving day. Clean up all the clutter, check if the switches are working and if electricity is already available. • Throw away all unneeded and unusable items, especially flammable items such as left-over paint, spray cans, or propane. • Call up the relatives and friends you enlisted to help with the packing and moving and inform them of your final schedule. ONE WEEK BEFORE THE BIG MOVE • If hiring a moving company, make a call to confirm details such as time of arrival and pick up. • Draw up a time-table for moving day, e.g., time to start loading boxes, where/when to stop for lunch, estimated time of arrival at the new place. If the drive is too far for one day, make sure you know where and when you want to stop for the night, and if possible make reservations at a hotel or motel along the route. This will give you a sense of what to expect and prepare for on the day itself. • With the help of volunteer family and friends, finish packing all your things, leaving behind only the essential items that you will be using every day. • Make sure that all your boxes are

properly packed and numbered, even color-coded by room if possible. This will help you immensely in the unpacking process. Make sure there are labels on the top and sides of the boxes.

• Prepare a snack bag for

moving day. Make sure to bring lots of water and high energy food to sustain your strength while moving.


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