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• Look at the fine print. Check their cost estimate for hidden charges, insurance coverage, payment terms, and policy regarding damage to items. Compare these with the othermovers you are considering and base your decision on your comparisons. When making your final choice for a mover to hire, keep in mind that getting the cheapest mover does not guarantee that you will save money. Cheap could meanmediocre service, and you may incur problems along the way. Choose wisely and take the above factors into consideration. RENTING A TRUCK INSTEAD The rented truck— fromU-Haul or Penske or any other similar service — is a less expensive alternative to professional moving firms. Unlike movers, you do the packing, loading, and driving yourself. This may be a great way to save on moving cost, but only if you have a manageable amount of property to bring with you. You can and should call on your friends and family for help with packing and loading your things into this rented truck. This will make it easier to do the moving without professional help. To get the best rental deal and pull off a successful and uneventful move, these are some things to keep in mind: • Time your move. Mid-month and mid-week are the best days to get a good price, since most movers say the weekends and month- ends are the busiest time for them. • Look for inexpensive packaging. Recycled boxes are less expensive, but will usually still be perfectly serviceable. For smaller items, liquor stores will often allow you to take away the boxes their shelves are stocked from at no charge. Since they’re made for shipping heavy, full glass bottles, they’re generally sturdy and easily-stacked. • Start packing earlier. Planmonths ahead which items you will bring and which ones to give away or donate. The lack of professional moving help will expand your timescale, so be prepared! • Organize a moving team. You’ll need all the help you can get, from packing to labeling, to unpacking and sorting your stuff.


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