Bob Adelfson - Divorce Book

• " Out Spouse" (who moves out of the property) is unable to purchase a new home due to the inability of the "House Spouse" (who continues to live in the property) to secure a refinance of their jointly held mortgage. • "Out Spouse" suffering declining credit ratings and potential lawsuits for failure to make timely payments on the "marital mortgage" that was never refinanced out of his/her name (despite the fact that the "Out Spouse" has not lived in that property for months/years). • Potential of foreclosure on the marital home due to inability for "House Spouse" to make payments post- divorce, which results in a significantly negative credit report for both Spouses who guaranteed repayment of the loan prior to divorce. Divorce Attorneys sometimes have gaps in their case files and advise and/or allow their Clients to make these decisions without all the facts. Highly trained Real Estate Professionals who have their RCS-D designation can help these Divorce Attorneys and their Clients make more informed decisions! The goal of the RCS-D designation is Consumer Advocacy. While business might be derived at times, true RCS-D Professionals aim to provide useful "pre-settlement guidance" to Divorcing Homeowners and their Attorneys in the spirit of doing the right thing (regardless of whether a commission is attached to the guidance). We all know emotions run high when buying/selling a home. We can also deduce that emotions run even higher when going through a divorce. Imagine the emotions when combining the 2 together! Suffice to say, we humans make much better decisions when utilizing facts as opposed to assumptions and/or emotions.


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