Bob Adelfson - Divorce Book



Hiring a great real estate agent who will push to get the best price for your home is...priceless. You need an agent who will negotiate based on real data and not perceived worth. When negotiating, it’s important for you and your agent to be experts on the listing, but also to be knowledgeable about the buyer and their level of motivation. You have to trust your agent to keep your level of motivation to himself, but know that agents are human and they do share a level of camaraderie and may share information in conversation that would be best kept under wraps. Be open and honest with your agent and have this discussion. You have to be able to trust that he will keep your best interests his priority. As a seller, using the CMA to negotiate a price is a sound practice. A CMA is not an opinion or an emotionally based guess. The figure is based upon fact. Your price must be justifiable, and your agent should be competent in performing the CMA. Buyers’ agents will attempt to sway the seller’s agent if the seller’s agent is not knowledgeable enough. DON'T LET A BUYER LOWBALL YOUR PRICE Home buyers look for deals. Think how quickly you would jump at a home selling “below market value” and “in perfect condition” that meets your every need. That situation rarely happens, but that does not mean buyers won’t make lowball offers. If they see your house as the perfect home, they may suddenly switch their priority to negotiating a lower-than-market-value price. No matter how insulting or laughable their offer may be, keep your cool and maintain your position. If they truly like your home better than any others, why would they pay less for it? Keep focused and negotiate accordingly.



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