Bob Adelfson - Divorce Book

If you have multiple offers on your home, the price isn’t always the bottom line. Sometimes what you tell the buyer is advantageous to his offer. For example, let’s say that you have two interested buyers. One buyer offers full asking price, but tells you he needs a few months to close in order to get financing or to get inspections done, etc. The other buyer casually asks why you are selling, and you offer crucial information that leads the buyer to offer $10,000 less than your asking price, but to agree to close quickly without any financial or inspection-related contingencies. While the first buyer offered more money, the second buyer was more appealing time- wise. If you were under a time constraint, the buyer solved your problem. How did the buyer know about the time constraint? You may have unwittingly disclosed it in an earlier casual conversation when he asked why you were selling.


Remaining calm and focused during the counteroffers is the key to getting the last concession. By asking the buyer to give something in return every time he comes back with another request, he will start backing away from making nonessential demands rather than deal with the same thing coming from you. The less he thinks he can get, the less he will ask for beyond what he really needs. He may be afraid you will request a concession that is important to him and come to the conclusion that letting you have the last concession will be in his own best interests.


When a buyer submits an offer to you, unless it is a great one, you will want to bring counteroffers to the table. A different price and/ or concessions such as shorter closing dates, terms, modifications


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