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tables, above-ground pools, trampolines, climbers, swing sets, and hot tubs

The decision process is relatively simple if you consider what items you are willing to part with based on how easy or difficult it will be to move them. Also consider how often you use more movable items and the cost of moving them versus the cost of replacement. There are many kinds of incentives you can offer, and many a buyer may request an incentive in the transaction. It’s all part of the negotiation.

Buyer requests or seller incentives may include:

• Reduction of the asking price • Seller-paid points • Help with the down payment • Help with closing costs • Offering to close in a short time • Offering or transferring a home warranty • Prepaid property taxes for one year • Payment of HOA fees or landscaping and pool maintenance • Offering a mortgage buy-down

The list is as long as your agent is creative, so discuss each of these with your listing agent before agreeing with a buyer. Be sure to spend the time working on these possibilities and putting them in your arsenal of negotiation tactics. NOTE: There may be restrictions imposed upon the real estate agent because of agency laws; there are also lender limits on buyer credits, and they MUST be properly disclosed, so be sure to stay within the limit of the laws.


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