Bob Adelfson - Divorce Book

• Befriending potential buyers — if you confide that you are divorcing, they may assume you are desperate to sell, and that can affect the sale of your home. Make sure you and your Realtor® agree to both keep an eye out to avoid this pitfall! • Low appraisals — you have options if this happens. Sometimes judges will determine the value of a home, but most appraisals done by professionals are reasonable, so have a plan with your Realtor® for how to respond if you get hit with a low appraisal. • Inspection requirements — know what is expected for your home to pass a home inspection. • Prepare for closing — your agent and lawyer will — or at least should — inform you of what to expect. • Flexibility and readiness to show home — You really can’t say “no” to a showing so get your home in show-ready condition and keep it that way so that unexpected showings don’t send you into a panic. • Leave during showings — buyers prefer to view homes without the seller present. Your agent will be there to field any questions, so if you have any you really want to add to their list, make sure to discuss them beforehand. • Weed out unqualified buyers — you are well within your rights to request only qualified home buyers view your home. If they are not eligible, even for creative financing, it is a waste of everyone’s time — especially yours.


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