Bob Adelfson - Divorce Book

The goal is to move forward, so any concessions made between the spouses benefit not only both parties, but especially the kids. Maintaining a civil, business-like relationship in front of your children will help them maintain stability and keep them from moving away from their home when they’re already adjusting to a lot of change. If one of the spouses can occupy the home with the children and make the mortgage payments until they can manage a buyout and become the sole owner, it’s a win-win. The drawback to this type of arrangement is the negative consequences if the spouse in residence defaults on mortgage payments. Both parties are still responsible, and missed payments will affect both spouse’s credit scores. Moving forward with a new life can be tricky in a co-ownership agreement because consistent communication is necessary, and that isn’t always (or even usually) easy for divorced couples. House payments, insurance premiums, utilities, and necessary repairs are guaranteed financial obligations. What if the utilities are shut off due to nonpayment? What if the home heating and air- conditioning system terminally fails? What if you moved two hours away and your ex-wife needs you to help with a fallen tree because she can’t afford to pay someone to dispose of it? What if the resident spouse has to move out because s/he cannot afford to stay? What if the resident ex-spouse files bankruptcy and risks losing the house? These are all very real possibilities. Co-ownership must be considered carefully, and a knowledgeable attorney dedicated to protecting your family’s well-being will be your best source for guidance on the complexities that may arise. An agreement can be created to address all the obligations mentioned previously and protect both parties at the same time. No matter the option you choose, the mortgage must still be paid. Selling is the only alternative if neither of the spouses can afford the home on a single income. A short sale is possible if the home is going into foreclosure. You can come to an agreement with your


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