Bob Adelfson - Divorce Book

at their peak, lenders found it difficult to handle the staggering number of transactions. The BPO concept was born. It is less elaborate, and thus less costly, than an appraisal, but more involved than a CMA. There are two kinds of BPOs, drive-by and interior. If the agent has access to the interior of your home, you will obtain a more in-depth and accurate evaluation. No matter your circumstances, you’ll obviously want top dollar from the sale of your home. Therefore, it is crucial to get a reliable evaluation generated by a Realtor® who will stand by his/her appraisal throughout the sale process.


The cost approach is based upon what it would cost to reproduce your home new, less depreciation and obsolescence. Would any person buy the property for a cost greater than the value of the land and a structure with equal appeal?


A professional appraisal for the valuation of marital property is required when a court is dividing the couple’s assets. Some states require a judge to independently determine the fair market value. There are some circumstances in which a judge may consider information provided by a spouse. You should understand that when a valuation is determined, it may not include latent cost-related issues. If there are plumbing problems under the foundation or the structure has been compromised by a termite infestation, these situations will affect the sale price. It is advisable to have a home inspection conducted in an all-encompassing examination of the condition of the home. It will be invaluable in discovering the universal condition of the home.


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