Bob Adelfson - Divorce Book

If the house is handled improperly during the divorce, the result could be that one or both spouses end up ineligible to qualify for a mortgage for many years. A real estate professional experienced in the divorce niche can provide clients with step-by-step guidance to protect themselves legally and financially. What defines a “good” real estate agent? That often depends on your particular circumstances. For someone selling a home during a divorce, it means finding someone with experience dealing with divorcing couples and who is an expert negotiator — not only between seller and buyer, but between seller and seller, who are not always on the same page or even on speaking terms with each other. Some Realtors® prefer not to take on listings with divorcing couples because the process is often more complex and labor intensive than a standard real estate transaction. Not every real estate agent is equipped to handle the complexity of property issues that come with the division. Most of all, you have to like your agent. You might be spending a lot of time with him or her over the next few months. This has to be a person who is calm, cool, and collected, is sensitive to the circumstances, and can move your home no matter the current market. He or she must relate well with both spouses and cannot show any bias or judgment. You want someone who you feel listens to your priorities, is patient with the situation, and can be trusted to deal fairly and communicate fully with both parties. The best Realtor® is one who will work effectively with both parties despite conflicts of interest and strong emotions coming from both sides. An experienced Realtor® won’t run at the first sign of an emotional outburst, shy away from awkward meetings between soon-to-be exes, or hold exclusive meetings with one party over the other, and will instead provide a neutral ground for interactions. Be sure your Realtor® keeps the details of your divorce out of sales conversations, since some buyers equate divorce with “desperate to sell” and will attempt to leverage that


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