Bob Adelfson - Divorce Book

• Tech-savvy — Agents well-versed in the latest technology for marketing homes should have a website, social media setup, user-friendly home search options, and quality presentations online with high-resolution images of homes, as well as videos and slideshows. A professional Realtor® has to wear many hats. They must be proficient in marketing, negotiation, consultation, the legalities of real estate, property taxes, and, most of all, gaining the trust of their clients. It is to your advantage to hire an agent who understands your unique needs while you work through your divorce. Once you’ve selected your Realtor®, remember not to take out your stress and anger on him or her. He or she has nothing to do with the divorce, and is trying to help you. Take his or her advice. They are the professionals and know more than you do about selling your home. The following chapters are a helpful guide on how to present your home in the best light and how to avoid costly mistakes, especially when it comes to negotiating.


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