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willing to pay the asking price.

• Hilltop views. A high vantage point that comes with a spectacular view of the surrounding area. • Wildlife. Many enjoy the beauty of being one with nature by watching birds, deer, and butterflies from their back porch. • Majestic views of sunrise/sunset. There is nothing more awe-inspiring than bearing witness to the beauty and stillness of the colors of twilight and sunset from your own back yard. • A beautiful patio. Outdoor living is important to most buyers. A good-sized patio big enough to host a summer party might be just what your buyer is seeking. • Location, location, location. Emphasize the safety, convenience, and future of your home’s location. Today’s buyers want great schools, easy commutes, and local amenities. Some will pay extra for a home based upon its location in the complex, especially if it has a yard area. A buyer once paid extra for a townhouse simply because of its location in the complex. Most of the surrounding homes did not have yards, but a few shared a half-acre “yard area.” An owner whose townhouse bordered this yard area was able to sell his home for a higher price than other townhouses on the market. His home had a characteristic shared by fewer than 10% of the others. He had the only available listing offering that feature. With this attractive point of difference, the house sold for a higher price. Another townhouse seller in the same complex found a different unique feature. Although he did not have a yard, he was still able to use his location to his advantage. His property backed up 25

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