Bob Adelfson - Divorce Book

home, this one was not unattractive.

On the contrary, it was a brand-new, custom-built home. It sat on the market for over seven months without a single offer. The builder hired a real estate agent who knew the importance of finding that one special feature. He drove out to give the house a thorough investigation. He discovered what the property had that the competition did not: a beautiful five-acre yard. Other houses being sold in the area were on one- to two-acre lots. Not only was the yard bigger, it was also more private than other properties. The real estate agent marketed the property highlighting the five acres alongside the description of the house. Because the house was no longer the main selling point, interest in the property increased. A buyer was so interested that he submitted an offer from 1,000 miles away. Fearing that someone else would buy it before he could, he bought it sight unseen. He didn’t want to lose out on his “perfect” home. The sale was completed in 45 days. The builder was amazed! His house had been on the market for close to eight months. That small percentage of the home’s features was the selling point. The 80/20 rule unfolds again. Learn how to apply this rule by leveraging a unique selling point, and you will not have to settle for less than your asking price. Buyers who fall in love with a home rarely offer a lower price. By shifting focus to the five acres, the real estate agent captured the interest of buyers immediately. The house was no longer unsellable, but desirable.


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