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curb appeal. The goal here is to get more money for your home. Homebuyers generally aren’t interested in a property that needs work unless you don’t mind selling it below market value. If you have poor landscaping, dingy exterior paint, or an unkempt yard, they may drive right on by without giving the interior of your home a second thought.

Look around your yard and list everything that needs work.

• Are your shrubs, trees, flower gardens, and walkways tidy? • Is there trash or a general mess in your yard? • Does everything (front light, garage door, porch rails, etc.) function properly and look its best? • Could outdoor features, like patio furniture or the deck, be cleaned or updated with a coat of paint? Make the necessary improvements to update the exterior of your property, and you will benefit from the many people who are drawn to the inside of your home when they see how beautiful it is from the curb! You may find yourself with a long list of things to do; it takes hard work to get a home ready to sell. Anyone can put a house on the market, but not everyone can sell that house quickly or make the profit they want and/or need. Follow these guidelines to improve your chances of selling your home quickly for the best price. • Cut the grass. Give your lawn a clean, close cut and manicure the edges of sidewalks and driveways. Obliterate stubborn weeds along pathways, the house, and around trees. Repair, seed, or use groundcover to detract from bald patches in the yard. You can also use a commercial 31

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