Bob Adelfson - Divorce Book

to say the price was too high.

Still, the owner stood firm. Four months and many showings later, a buyer walked in who loved the condo the moment he stepped through the door. He made an offer before he finished the tour. The agent was so excited that he rushed to call the owner. The owner accepted the man’s offer and sold close to listing price. The condo successfully sold for $549,000, which was a record high! The strategy they used was a huge success. Naturally, the real estate agent was excited, and the owner was thrilled to have had made a substantial profit. The price was $110,000 higher than a condo that had sold two and a half months earlier. The higher price was not due to the current market, either. The next unit that sold (28 days later) went for $435,000. It was a less desirable second-floor unit. Five months later, another similar condo sold for $450,000. What was the seller’s secret strategy to selling for more money? What was the special request the wealthy seller had requested of his agent? It was simple. He insisted that the condo be staged. The successful real estate agent knew he was onto something. He began researching everything he could find about staging’s impact on the selling prices of homes. He collected his findings and shared the tactics the wealthy seller had taught him. He included all the examples he had found as case studies. Many agents already encouraged sellers to stage their homes. However, few of them were familiar with the following case study proving staging is an effective method of selling your home for more money.


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