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aren’t necessary for daily living and store keepsakes, photo albums, rarely used appliances, and so forth out of sight, preferably off the premises. This will create interest and showcase the home’s space and storage capacity. Strategic furniture placement is an easy way to highlight unique features of your home. A grouping of chairs in front of a fireplace, for example, will draw attention. Avoid pushing the furniture close to the walls. Reposition easy chairs into floating group spaces. Every room has to be staged to show function as well. An empty room used for overflow of boxes, possessions, or unwanted items should be transformed into a usable, desirable space. Clean it out and create an office space with a desk and chair or a reading room with a lamp and recliner. If you have exercise equipment, feature it as a workout room. Furniture pieces such as tables can be taken from the living room for use in other rooms. Every room should have a purpose and be user-friendly. Make your home’s traffic flow obvious so buyers can browse each room without effort.


Once every room has a purpose, creating atmosphere is key to making your home desirable. Decorative touches like greenery, flowers, and scented candles give life to your home. Frame rooms with creatively placed wall art. A bedroom with one bed, a single pillow and blanket, and a harsh overhead light will make the room seem bare and lonely. By adding a table with a little décor and a rocking chair draped with a lap robe, you heighten its appeal. Make sure to add elements of the same color, shape, or texture to unify the room. Any splashes of bold color should appear in the wall art or any place you want to draw attention.

Learn to strike a balance between staging and living in your home.


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