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According to the National Association of Realtors®, 65% of home buyers surveyed wanted assurance that their new home had a working central air system. Of the 31 mechanical features inquired about in the survey across the board, this one was viewed as the most important. People want to purchase a home that reflects their aesthetic tastes and lifestyles, but also one that is safe and sound. Faulty electrical systems do not provide a feeling of safety. Leaky plumbing arouses concerns of mold infestation and sewage problems. These areas can require extensive work, but they are extremely important. Overlook them in the preparation stage, and you run the risk of trouble later with inspections and appraisals. Professionals should do most of the mechanical work. Having a professional inspection on record is a big plus for most buyers as well. There is an alternative to personally arranging and coordinating all the separate inspections. Certified home inspectors can usually cover all items related to mechanical issues and more. They will be able to identify possible trouble spots requiring attention. Many buyers hire an inspector, so you may even be saving them that expense, which is always a mark in your favor when it comes to moving forward with a potential buyer. Having antiquated wiring and plumbing replaced is expensive. If you do have mechanical issues and decide to sell your home as is, it may be necessary to negotiate a reduced sale price with the buyer. Some buyers are willing to take on the improvements themselves, with the thought that they can be assured they are completed to their own standards and specifications. However, some buyers will simply walk away, not wanting to deal with known problems that could get expensive long after the deed is


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