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shoes; your old home will potentially be their new home, after all. Old, worn-out fixtures are not going to speak to them the way nice, shiny new hardware will. Unless your knobs, pulls, handles, or hinges are broken, there is no real reason to replace them. You can get that new look simply by thoroughly washing, sanding, and painting them with spray paint made specifically for kitchen and bath hardware, which is generally more cost-effective. The goal is to touch up your home and give it a new, clean look without breaking the bank. The Internet has a wealth of do-it- yourself videos that can help you update your bath and kitchen if your budget is limited, or if you just have the time and interest in these DIY projects. If the hardware is broken or completely worn-out, it’s best to replace the whole set. If it is just broken in a few places and you can find matching pieces, you can paint the old and new to match. You could also consolidate all the good parts in one bathroom and replace all the hardware in the other.


Whether natural or artificial, good, bright light is one of the most effective ways to show off your home. Using light to enhance your home’s appeal can make a difference. Oddly, this is an aspect of staging that is often overlooked. Light that is too dim or too harsh is unflattering to the finest furnishings and best features of the house. Dim lighting gives everything in the house a dingy feel. Assess the lighting in each area of your home for ideas on where to bring in more light. Rooms with abundant windows greatly benefit from natural light, as your home will be seen during the day. Supplemental light is necessary for rooms with smaller windows or limited natural light.


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