Bob Adelfson - Divorce Book

CHAPTER 9 The Three D's


Remember the discussion on staging? When readying your home to show to potential buyers, you must encourage them to visualize living in the home, but not YOUR home. Removing all of your personal items such as photos, trophies, and collectibles is the process of depersonalizing your home. Knickknacks and wall décor are also personal taste items that may distract buyers from seeing the home as theirs. Carefully pack and store your treasured items out of sight. Storage units that can be rented monthly are a good option.


It is understandably inconvenient to live in your home without the essentials that you need on a daily basis. However, any extra furniture or unnecessary items like books, magazines, CD collections, and hobby supplies all add weight and visual distraction to a room. The more spacious your home appears, the more appeal to potential buyers it has. Minimize as much as you can without compromising your lifestyle. You want the home shopper to SEE what your home has to offer, not to guess.


• List each room of the house, noting the amount of clutter in each room, including closets. • Declutter rooms one at a time by starting with the rooms needing the least amount of work and moving through to 56

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