Bob Adelfson - Divorce Book

CHAPTER 10 How to Market Your Home

The primary purpose of this book is to provide insight on how to sell your home quickly and for more money. The previous chapters were filled with dos and don’ts when preparing a home for the market. The goal of the upcoming chapters is to help you understand what determines price and market value of a home — yours, specifically. Despite the term “buyer’s market,” it is important to understand that it is always a “seller’s market.” Homes are a necessity. We don’t live in caves or nomadic tents. Real estate is a commodity that endures the test of time. Your home is unique. There is no other house exactly like it. Yes, it may share the same floor plan with five other houses in your neighborhood, but the individuality you have created out of your property makes it stand apart from your neighbors’. Your home’s value will be based upon similar homes purchased during a particular time, whether winter, spring, summer or fall. No matter how closely you study the market and its current supply and demand, the real estate market is a complex entity that surpasses all speculation. No one person or real estate professional can reasonably conclude that the current market has complete control over the salability of a specific home. In the end, you will decide the asking price of your home. Typically, this is done with the help of research and the advice of a professional Realtor®. But, in the end, how do you decide? What is the best way to get online exposure? Do professional photographs make a difference to online shoppers? What more can be done to


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