Bob Adelfson - Divorce Book

who offers detailed sales data and a strategic listing price, not just a higher one.


Selling your home is a business transaction between a qualified buyer and yourself. If you have enjoyed living in your home for years but have decided to move on, then don’t let emotional attachments to the home affect how you price it. The most objective price will come from the CMA provided by your real estate agent. Memorable moments spent in your home are priceless — literally, because they do nothing to add to the selling price. It is also unrealistic to add dollars because of the labor spent making the house into your home; the new owner neither benefits from nor cares about your efforts. By focusing on the CMA results and maintaining a business-like and professional attitude, you can keep emotions at bay.


The most crucial time for your home is the first 10 days on the market. Once your home is on the MLS, you will see how much interest is generated. If your price is too high, buyers will pass you by because the home is out of their price range. By the time you decide to lower the price, they will have moved on to other properties. As your home sits on the market, buyers will wonder why the home hasn’t sold, concluding that it is undesirable in some way, and passing it by without a second glance. Price correctly from the start to generate interest and gain attention from buyers to sell faster. Unrealistic pricing costs you more money in the long run.



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