Bob Adelfson - Divorce Book

A neighborhood consisting of senior citizens and retired adults, without a designated school bus stop close by, would not suit a family with school-age children, even though the house itself might meet their other criteria. A bachelor may not be interested in living in a neighborhood with children and pets despite the existence of the two-story home with a garage he was seeking. By design, websites should direct buyers to homes that meet their lifestyle, avoid wasting people’s time, and eliminate uninterested shoppers. Your best option is to discuss aggressive online marketing with a real estate agent who is interesting in earning your business and listing your home. You want to maximize your exposure as well as generate interest from your target market. The CMA will help you price your home strategically, and your online presentation should bring you interested buyers. Once you have an offer for your home, you must know how to negotiate. The next section of this book covers the power of negotiating, and how to go about avoiding mistakes during the sale process.


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