will be. Check with your local real estate agent who can recommend a local inspector.

Paint, paint, and paint some more. Fresh paint is among the most visible yet simplest and most cost-effective improvements in preparing a home for sale. A freshly painted room looks clean and updated — and that adds value. When selecting paint, use neutral colours to appeal to the greatest number of people, making your home more desirable to a broader audience. On average, a gallon of paint costs around $50-$80, leaving you money to buy rollers, painter's tape, drop cloths, and brushes. So get out the ladder and get busy! Fix the walls. Before priming and painting, fix any minor drywall imperfections, such as cracks or nail pops. Get inspired. Instead of spending $100 on a decorator's opinion, do it yourself and search for remodelling and decorating inspiration in home design magazines, books, television shows, Pinterest, and websites. Keep it simple — DIY projects are great for remodelling on a tight budget. Get energy efficient. Many local utility companies provide free energy audits of their customers' homes to demonstrate how to maximize your home's energy efficiency. An energy-efficient home will save you money now and appeal to economically and socially conscious buyers.


Add a water-filtration system. Install a water-filtration system to add an inexpensive bit of luxury while saving money over time in the kitchen. These systems purify your water and save on


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