About Joseph Joseph has always had a passion for real estate, design, and building. In his late teens, he started building custom homes with his brother and doing major residential renovations for clients. Over the years he has learned a lot about what works in homes and what does not. With a diploma in Interior design (with honours and awards), he understands spatial organization, traffic flow patterns in a home, colour theory and how it makes you feel within a room, product design, structural design, building code, and historical architecture. He understands the impact of residential and commercial design on our daily lives. After about 15 years of building for clients, Joseph decided it was time to become a registered builder, buy vacant land, and build homes on spec. After building a number of homes to sell, it was time to add more value to what he offered. So in 2005, Joseph went back to school and received his real estate license and has not looked back. Joseph has also been a landlord and a property manager helping other landlords. He took pride in the rental units he owned and would completely renovate, so tenants could have a really nice place to call home. As a real estate broker, Joseph strives to do the very best he can to make his sellers, buyers and landlords feel like they really matter and are his priority. He treats clients like family. Joseph always goes out of his way to help his clients; whether it is helping seniors deal with years of belongings, finding new homes for old things, or pitching in to help clean up a property before the sale. He will put his carpentry skills to good use to


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