Other projects with a good return include replacing old windows with new vinyl or wood window frames and trim and installing a new roof, with returns of 71% and 62%, respectively. Again, spend within the price range of the home. For example, if you install a high-end steel tile roof in a low- to mid-range subdivision home, you won't likely recoup the cost when you sell. It is also worth noting that the ROI numbers will vary depending on your market. This is where the advice of a trusted real estate broker comes into play.


You can also gain from working on the inside of the home. One chief benefit of redoing an interior room or two is that you will increase your own enjoyment of your home. And if you are ready to sell, further improvements will help you carry that good impression from the exterior through to the interior of the home. As with all other aspects of home improvement, there are better and worse ways to spend your money. As the adage goes, kitchens sell houses. According to Remodeling magazine, kitchen remodels average a return of 79.3% nationwide, making it the best investment for a total remodelling project.

Other good remodel projects to consider include:

Attic bedroom: 53% Bathroom: 62% Basement: 63%

Be warned that these projects can prove costly, with the national average cost for jobs on this scale running in the tens of


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