The famous kitchen. If you plan to live in your home for many years and you want to enjoy an updated kitchen, go for the greatest kitchen you can afford. However, be warned if you plan to renovate the kitchen to raise the home's value and increase your profits at its sale. On paper, kitchen renovations are usually only worth about half their cost — even less if you go too gourmet. New granite countertops, new tile flooring, a new brushed stainless steel sink, and a sophisticated cabinet system with a hideaway refrigerator — these things and more might be your dreams coming true, but buyers and appraisers may not be so keen. If remodelling is a must, move forward with caution and avoid overspending. In general, the kitchen is the heart of the home, so a nice one will impress potential buyers. However, you will not realize a 100% ROI on a kitchen remodel. Before sinking your entire reno budget, speak with designers at local improvement stores or a local contractor that builds and installs kitchens to get good ideas. Considering a pool? Taking a dip elsewhere could save you thousands, sometimes even tens of thousands. Before installing an in-ground pool prior to a sale in the hope of adding value to your home, think this through. Pools are for homeowners who want to enjoy them — and maintain and service them. They are not a particularly strong draw to home buyers. Are you going to enjoy the pool yourself for a few years, or are you installing it to improve the home's sale value? Are you prepared to fill in an in-ground pool or dismantle an above- ground pool at a buyer's request? Many potential buyers view pools as a hazard, especially if they have children or grandchildren who will be in the home with them. They will also


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