Instead, a sprinkler system is a practical investment of several thousand dollars. There is greater perceived and actual value in this addition than in a miniature babbling brook that will attract birds and butterflies. If you are thinking of ways to upgrade your yard, the sprinkler system would be the wiser choice. The lower level. The question of the basement raises a lot of conversation among homeowners. There are cases where finishing a basement has proven to be a financial loss to the homeowner at the time of sale – and cases in which the appraisal value showed an increase, with buyers happily willing to pay the increased price. Finishing your basement as local code allows can be done in different ways. If you can manage without completely altering the structure — such as adding walls or creating extra rooms — it is possible to come out as a winner. What about the bathroom? What about the bathroom, indeed! A necessary component of any household is the toilet; a home without one wouldn't be much better than a particularly fancy tent. Renovating a bathroom could cost you only a little, or you could spend a fortune, depending on your plans. Similar to kitchens, while a modern, efficient bathroom is expected, do not expect to increase the appraisal or sale value of the home substantially when you make a large investment. On that note, if you only have one bathroom, a second would definitely help sell your home faster and for more money. Replacing the floor covering or the wall colour will not cost as much as a full-blown renovation that replaces and rearranges the toilet, the sink, the shower or bathtub or one that expands the room size. On the other hand, installing a spacious, doorless shower, a hot tub, or an extra-large vanity topped by an oversized mirror in addition to new walls, flooring, and lighting


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