CHAPTER 4 Design & Feature Trends t ends to Avoid; Improvements That Add Value FEATURES TO AVOID There are home remodelling or upgrade projects that won't likely increase your home's value at the time of resale. There are also outdated fashions that just scream, "update me." These are some things to consider. Inconsistent Architecture A home containing a hodgepodge of architectural styles can be off-putting to a potential home buyer. For a ranch-style home, featuring columns on the front porch can be as jarring as a log- cabin-styled home with art deco accents. Each architectural style has its own inherent beauty, so emphasize these factors. If you don't, it can be like eating pickles on ice cream! Oversized Kitchens Hold the rise of celebrity chefs responsible for this one. Kitchens with every appliance imaginable and too much space can be off- putting to prospective home buyers who do not engage in serious entertaining. Unless you are hosting lavish get-togethers with a team of cooks, it may be time to divide the kitchen into segments, like a cozy breakfast nook and a sit-down family table. Faux "Old World" Design By decorating or emphasizing a European style (for example, the region of Tuscany has a distinctive and popular style), you may hope to capture the elegance of the area. But bear in mind, unless you are sourcing the materials (and a vineyard to boot), there will always be something inauthentic about channelling 20

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