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White Appliances If your appliances are white, it is time to upgrade. White may have been at one time a colour of choice to emphasize a spotless home (everything shows up on white!), but that is precisely the problem. Home buyers will subconsciously feel the toil associated with wiping every surface down or see lingering stains that will never come out. In addition, plastic materials fade over time, turning into a non-uniform yellow. As a result, you might find black appliances or stainless steel more appealing. Wallpaper Wallpaper makes a bold statement in a home. However, that same boldness may put off buyers, especially if the wallpaper is cheap, old, or common. In addition, removing wallpaper is a labour-intensive process that can make prospects cringe at the thought, especially considering that the removal of older wallpaper may damage the walls and create more headaches. Moreover, wallpaper can be a source of undetected mould growth. Stick with paint instead. Carpeted Bathrooms There may have been a time when stepping across the primary suite onto an icy, cold tiled floor made a carpeted bathroom seem like a brilliant idea, but that time is over. That's what bath mats are for. Placing carpets and water in the same room is simply asking for mould growth or damage. Some modern homes have heated flooring, which is a huge selling point to potential home buyers and far preferable to the hygiene nightmare of a carpeted bathroom. Gaudy Gold Fixtures and Hardware Metallic finishes can give your home warmth and sophistication, but if you have shiny gold fixtures and hardware, consider


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