Linoleum Flooring No one likes walking across sticky linoleum barefoot. Simply put, get rid of linoleum flooring. At one time, it was a popular option, especially in the case of patterned linoleum that could mimic wood or tile flooring. Nowadays, linoleum is almost synonymous with inexpensive apartments and a careless sense of decoration. Instead, opt for flooring materials like hardwood that are comfortable and visually appealing. If vinyl is your favourite choice for flooring, opt for vinyl strip flooring. There are some great choices that are virtually indestructible and classy looking. Popcorn Ceilings If a home contains a popcorn ceiling (also known as textured or stucco), it instantly communicates to a buyer that the home has not been modernized. Popcorn ceilings were popular from the 1950s-1980s as an inexpensive, ubiquitous alternative to cover imperfections and unadorned drywall. To modern eyes, it looks more like a dreary Motel 6 than a warm home. Removing popcorn ceilings, like wallpaper, is a labour-intensive affair, so be sure to get it done before your open house. In addition, look for asbestos, which can make or break a closing if detected by a buyer or inspector. Asbestos can be hard to identify, so it is best to have it tested in a lab and be sure to contact the lab prior to beginning any work. Glass Mosaic Backsplash One of the most common trends from the mid-2000s is a glass mosaic backsplash for your kitchen or bathroom. While it may have looked good then because of its relative scarcity, it is much more common today. Consider replacing it with marble tiling or plain white subway tile to obscure your home's last appointment with an interior designer.

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