The first thing a home buyer notices when viewing a house is often the colour — first the exterior and then the individual rooms. Essentially, this first impression sets the stage for the home's other features, including furnishings, decorations, and architecture. If a bold colour, like light pink, is applied to the exterior, potential buyers that like to blend in may be scared away. On the other hand, if a room is too dark (dark red) or too bright (chromatic yellow), some great features of the home may be obscured as they compete for visual attention. Neutralizing your home is the best option), as buyers can project their own colour palette to their tastes without being influenced by your preferences. Converted Spaces We often enjoy seeing our spaces fit our personalities, lifestyles, quirks, and interests. Of course, that works just fine when you're living there, but when it comes time to sell, you may want to bring rooms back to their original purposes. For example, if you've converted your garage into a place to run your small business, exercise room, or music practice room, be sure to bring it back to its normal garage-only state to appeal to the largest number of home buyers. This is especially true for city listings where parking is limited. Similarly, a prospect may prefer to see an extra bedroom rather than the small office or storage space you repurposed. Carpeting Most home buyers prefer hardwood floors when purchasing a home, even if you have recently taken the trouble of installing new carpet. Unfortunately, people may assume that the previous residents' germs, pet dander, and dirt are still present since it is nearly impossible to clean carpet completely.


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