Furthermore, the carpet colour choice for the room may clash with their sensibilities or decorating ideas, leading to another item on their mental "To-Do" list when the time comes to customize the home. Hardwood flooring is a happy medium of natural hues and allows the ability to customize. Should the home buyer want carpet, then all they have to do is install it on top of the wooden surface. Too Much Landscape In recent years, there has been a trend of introducing the "outdoor living room" to holistically connect nature with the home. Trimmed bushes in ornate shapes, carpet-like moss walkways, elaborate gardens, and ponds are all visually appealing, but there's a catch. A property requiring constant maintenance may make potential home buyers hesitate, especially if their future finances are uncertain. This also includes the recent trend of urban farming. While you may enjoy fresh eggs, honey, and chevre daily, others may not relish the thought of daily upkeep that animals require and the implications about your home's cleanliness, so it's best to leave no signs that your home was once a farm. Hot Tubs and Pools There may have been a time when a pool was considered a selling point for new homeowners, but many home buyers realize how much of a maintenance issue and eyesore it can be. This is especially true for above-ground pools, which take up a large amount of space, create a safety and liability hazard for children and guests, and leave an ugly spot of dead grass when removed. If you install an above-ground pool to have fun with your kids, be smart about it and do it so that it is easy to remove with minimal repairs to the lawn or decks.


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