This is true for hot tubs, too. Hot tubs are notorious as a breeding ground for bacteria, can be difficult to maintain, and removal from a deck or backyard may lead to even more expense down the line (e.g., rebuilding a portion of your deck where the hot tub once was). Whirlpool Bathtubs Whirlpool bathtubs may once have been considered an item of luxury and a major selling point, but tastes have changed in recent years. Those who have owned or used them may have enjoyed the luxury but realized how much water they use (between 80 – 100 gallons) and how much space is taken up that could be used for other bathroom features such as a bigger shower space or a dual-vanity counter. Minimalist Design Outfitting your home like an urban loft space has long been a trend in interior home design, but this may not be your best option for selling your home. Minimalist design in this style can make homes seem unnaturally empty without emphasizing the natural personality of the home that's attractive to home buyers. Instead, you should aim to add accents without creating a barren look. Subconsciously, an overly minimalist design communicates to buyers that the home shouldn't house furnishings and decorations, which may be at odds with the buyer's intentions. IMPROVEMENTS THAT ADD VALUE AND HELP A UE AND HELP AT THE TIME OF SALE Neutral Colours Agents, interior decorators, and potential home buyers — what do they have in common? They all prefer neutral colours. Whether it's showcasing your home's features without


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